The 10th Anniversary of 911 never forget and always remember why we are free

Captain America 911 - Never forget...Never forget, always remember why we are free and the price that is paid to maintain it. September 11th, 2001 will always be an odd day for me for very different reasons to many of you, for my thoughts on this fateful day please click here.

911 Why We are Free

Today is 9/11 a very fateful date here in the USA, a date that has two meanings for me, and biggest reason why we should celebrate our freedom. We have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion and it is protected. Good or bad, dark or light you cannot support one with out the other, its the USA’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness… The one thing we should never, ever take for granted or be traded for falsehoods.

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Freedom of Speech… Freedom of Expression…

It is dumb, it is idiotic, it is the actions of an intolerant small minded Bigot, his actions totally disgust me and its nothing more than race bating. I hate any flag burning and mass book burning is a move towards a more frightening era, a direction I feel the USA is slowly slipping down too… Its nothing more than a sign of ignorance and frankly we as a country are better than this. What am I talking about? Click this link – Dove World Church Plans Koran Burning

The Pastor, no matter how ignorant is within his rights as protected by the USA Constitution, and that my friends is the dark side of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression… Ying and Yang, you cannot have light without the dark…