Alt-World went Black in support of STOP SOPA & PIPA

Stop SOPAToday if you visited Alt-World between the hours of 8am to 8pm you may of noticed that big black screen that greeted you. We went black in support of Stop SOPA & PIPA two bills being considered by the Houses to regulate and censor the internet. How bad could these bills be? Well… Simply put, I could not review comic books, give opinion on movies or even mention someone else’s copyrighted material on my website without running the risk of being shutdown without any notice or due process… It was so loosely worded Wikipedia couldnt run and Facebook would be dead in the water.  It was censorship in its most blatant form. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for protecting copyright, but not when it infringes upon First Amendment & Due Process rights.  Click these links to sign a petition and make your voice heard to your Representative, you can make a difference and anyone who says you can’t is wrong. Click or

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