Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Universe Presents : The Atom Cover Preview… Worthy? Or Exploitation?

Frank Miller SupermanFrank Miller’s Dark Knight Universe Presents : The Atom cover of which you can see part of above is drawn by Frank Miller, a legendary comic book artist and if you know of any of Mr Miller’s previous work you were probably expecting something… else… The cover is to the companion comic to upcoming Dark Knight III: The Master Race and is cooperation piece between Mr Miller, Brian Azzarello (who is co-writing) with Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson taking up the art duties. Continue reading

Leaked Picture from the Batman Vs Superman set featuring Batman and Batmobile #Batfleck

Batman Batfleck

Batman and the Batmobile from the Batman Vs Superman Movie Set

A picture has been leaked from Zack Synder’s upcoming Batman Vs Superman DC movie event. The picture features Ben Affleck (or stand in) in a Frank Miller style Dark Knight Returns Batsuit, and part of the Batmobile upper canopy. Continue reading

A parody counter argument to the bizarro Frank Miller OWS rant meet the Dick Knight

Richard PaceLast week we took an odd trip into bizarro world with a surprising rant from comic book maestro (and I use that lightly now) Frank Miller directed toward the Occupy Wall Street movement, which you can read here (and still feels like a viral marketing effort for Frank Miller’s latest and poorly received book Holy Terror). I also think it was a rant that was surprising more by its source than content than anything else. To counter Frank Miller’s argument, artist Richard Pace put together a Dark Knight parody called Dick Knight which you can view here. Fans of the Dark Knight Returns will really enjoy the style of this page.