Review – IDW Transformers Vol.1 TPB For All Mankind or Prime goes Emo

IDW Transformers Volume One  – For All Mankind is written by Mike Costa with art by Don Figueroa. The trade collects together Issues 1-6 of the rebooted Transformers series that takes place two years after the events of All Hail Megatron.

Now a couple of weeks ago I reviewed the First Issue of this new series. The long and short of it was I wasn’t very impressed at all, but put off judgement of the series until I got hold of the Trade.

Well here we are, and after reading the Trade I’m pretty much in the same place as I was with the first issue. Now I searched out these Transformers comics after the very strong Ironhide mini-series, I thought cool the Transformers have been rebooted, and the stories reflect that they are Soldiers stuck in a millennial old fight. I was sadly wrong after reading this trade I found myself longing for the bumbling bots of the G1 cartoon.

Find out why after the jump.

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