Review – Fear Itself Book Seven of Seven – Thor’s Day by Matt Fraction

Fear Itself Book Seven of SevenFear Itself – Book Seven of Seven
Publisher: Marvel
By Matt Fraction

It has been a long, long journey from Book One of this Summer event to Book Seven, a little too long with too little happening and nothing but a little badly done stunt shock along the way. I’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve read this event and the general consensus is nice artwork, story played a flat note, which sums up my thoughts too. Which is a shame because the first book of this event actually was very well done, there was a palpable sense of unease in that one. It was just after that the event book turned into a three panel adverts for the Fear Itself tie-in books and you just stopped caring about what happened. There are spoilers after the jump, so you’ve been warned.  Continue reading

My thoughts on the Fear Itself event and preview of issue #5 Do you fear Marvel has lost the plot?

Fear Itself Captain America Promo ImageI was asked via email what my problem was with Fear Itself. I wish it was a simple answer but it isn’t. I think it comes down to vapid plot over character, with a incoherent event book and the Spider-Island previews prove this event really does not matter a damn in the Marvel universe.

Since then I stumbled-upon the preview of the first five pages of Fear Itself #5. Now I’m questioning if I should even pick it up. Check out this preview over on Bleeding Cool News by clicking this link –

Yeah… That’s right it’s hammer time… Normally this would excite me, but it doesn’t. I should not be feeling this way about an Comic Event book; I should be excited by Fear Itself not bored. The book is going for shock over story and is turning into Marvel’s 616 Ultimatum. How long before the Blob eats someone just to get that extra sale? Look how well that turned out for the Ultimate universe in the end, effective that event almost killed an entire line of books. Continue reading

Review – Fear Itself Book Three of Seven by Matt Fraction

Fear Itself – Book Three of Seven
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Stuart Immonen
Artist (cover): Steve McNiven

We are now three books into Marvels big summer event and things are now starting to shake loose, as the size of the disaster starts to overwhelm the heroes. This book concentrates mainly on the start of the blitzkrieg and the hammer that fell on Yancy Street. Or it at least tries because the book actually is very off focus. Now I appreciate everything is starting to fall apart, but the book can only spare a few panels on each event and that is starting to effect the story, especially since we are not given the issue jumping on points for the other series books.

Plus there is a huge spoiler in this book that effects one of better storylines in another book I am reading. Find out more about that after the jump, so this is fair warning… Spoilers ahead!

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Review – Fear Itself Book Two of Seven by Matt Fraction

Fear Itself
Book Two of Seven

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Stuart Immonen
Cover by Steve McNiven

I’m a little late with this review. My fault I picked up a small glut of comics from Chucks Comics last Wednesday and its taken sometime  to get through them all. Finally though I’ve marshaled my thoughts on this dark issue.

First off, everything is really starting to fall apart and fall apart fast in this book. The hammers have fallen and the chosen ranks are starting to form now. The Avengers seemed to be stunned into inaction, or just so over extended they cannot fight all the fires cropping up across the globe. The Asgardians have finally come home and The Serpent starts its Blizkrieg.

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Review – Fear Itself Spider-man by Chris Yost

Fear Itself Spider-man
Book One of Three

Written by Chris Yost
Art by Mike McKone

One of the things I don’t like about big events is the one shot series, During Shadowlands they helped give me event fatigue and all the one shot stories were pretty irrelevant to the main story. It hurt the series more than helped it and sent me into an event tailspin.

But… I am happy to report that Fear Itself Spider-man is nothing like this. This book is dark, scary and full of foreboding. Let me explain; you expect certain things from the Spider-man books, most of it his humor in the face of mounting adversity. This is almost completely absent in this book, you feel the fear that Spider-man is feeling, his total absence of humor is scary.

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