New Covers Debuts For The Once Upon A Time Adventure The Wonder Tales

The Archer & His Horse - The Wonder Tales Vol.OneThe Princess Archer - The Wonder Tales Vol.TwoThe Daughter of Frost - A Wonder Tale

Did you know I wrote a series of Once Upon a Time adventures called The Wonder Tales? Don’t worry if you said no, I have been talking a lot about the Teddy Bear Tales and it’s spin-off Hero Ted. Recently though I’ve been giving my Fairy Tales a bit of a face lift and trying to draw attention to the stories I really just wrote for my kids, and long neglected. Anyhow… I decided to redesign the covers for the Wonder Tales collective volumes (see above), please let me know what you think of them 🙂

Short Story – Proud demonstrates the true power of sequential storytelling

Short Story - Proud by James Mulholland and Caitlin Soliman

Short Story – Proud by James Mulholland and Caitlin Soliman

I stumbled upon Proud on Facebook, it is a short comic story written by James Mulholland and drawn by Caitlin Soliman. It is perhaps the best sequential comic book story I’ve read this year and I highly recommend checking out Proud.

500 Word Flash Fiction – You can fly if you believe – extract from Dream a little Dream Notes


     “Trust me you can do this…”

     “Are you sure?”

     Jill looked back at Kirin, his long silver hair fluttering in the breeze with an infectious grin all over his face as he swiped the hair away from his auburn eyes. He had to be kidding, right? No, he was as serious as ever. She took a breath and looked down, the cliff she stood upon was a sheer fall, the crashing of waves under her sounded miles away; vertigo swam through her head and she could feel her knees go weak. There was no way she could do this, could she?

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Introducing a new Wonder Tale – The Tall Tale of Tobisum the Inch High Samurai

The Tall Tale of Tobisum, the Inch High SamuraiIntroducing a new Wonder Tale to join my growing collection of all ages original fantasy stories – The Tall Tale of Tobisum the Inch High Samurai.

Tobisum is a Samurai who is one inch in stature, but is mighty in heart. He has joined the Princess Archer Gwendolyn and her companions Kurt the Wolf-boy & Will’O the Wisp on her quest to find the door to Baba Yaga’s house. As they search for Jiki Ninki the Goblin who has the answer to their quest; Tobisum tells the tale of how he became a Samurai. It is a tale of daring and adventure, of bravery and heart. As Tobisum faces demons, saves the girl and rides to battle on the back of Bee.

Available as an eBook for $0.99 on the Kindle USA, Kindle UK, Kindle DE, Nook and multiple eReader formats such as the Kobo, or Sony at Smashwords.