Exposition – Not A Superhero Comic Book

Exposition - A Superhero Comic BookExposition By Nick Davis | Art By Bill Young

What would you do if you found yourself inside a comic book?

Well Jack knows…

Even Jack will admit he isn’t having a great month. After finally getting his dream job as lead writer on the Captain Avenger comic his inspiration runs dry. With a submission deadline looming, his editor on his back and no sleep for days he tries to hash out a story with little success. Then things really start to turn strange; Jack’s characters start popping up in his life and he finds himself caught up in action straight out of the pages of a superhero comic book.

The question is as Jack’s realities collide and the line between fiction and real life starts to blur is Jack on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Or are these events more real than he realizes…

Exposition is a unique mash-up of comic book and prose featuring Superheros, evil Villains, dim Henchmen, noisy Ninjas, giant Robots, flying Monkeys with laser-beams for eyes and a very diabolic dance number as a Jack begins to lose the plot as he desperately seeks the ending to the story.

Exposition is a 46 page mash-up of comic book & prose story telling, and will be the most unusual not about superheroes at all comic you will ever read. [Kindle eBook – $3.50] [Paperback – $4.99] [Hardback – $11.99]

Now you can find A Teddy Bear Tale and Fabula Zero at Collectors Corner

A Teddy Bear Tale at Collectors Corner

A Teddy Bear Tale Parts I & II and Fabula Zero Exposition

I am very happy to announce that A Teddy Bear Tale and its sequel A Teddy Bear Tale II are now available on the local Indie shelf at Collectors Corner, a comic book store and gaming Mecca in Parkville, MD. This is a pretty cool development and it’s always a big thrill to see your work on the another stores shelves. So if you are in the area or go to Collectors Corner go check out the Indie shelf and look at all the really neat creator owned titles, especially those mentioning a quietly heroic Teddy Bear named Tristan who protects children from the Monsters under bed.

Tristan is a coming to Wizard World Philly from May 31 – June 3

Wizard World PhillyTime to stretch our convention legs and take Tristan to the City of Brotherly love. That’s right! Tristan the Teddy Bear is heading to Philadelphia for the Philly Comic Con at Wizard World from May 31st to June 3rd, and not only will Tristan and myself  be there, but I will be joined by Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes. That is four days of none-stop Teddy Bear action with A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional and other Teddy Bear Tale goodies.  Also I’m going to be bringing the entire Alt-World catalog so this is a great chance to not only pick up A Teddy Bear Tale, but also The Wonder Tales and the revolutionary prose/sequential Fabula Zero Exposition Graphic Novel. So we look forward to seeing you all in Philly, come along, pick up a book and get the inside track on what is next for the Teddy Bear Tales to RSVP click here.

Cover Preview for my Graphic Novel Fabula Zero Exposition

Fabula Zero Exposition Cover PreviewFor your viewing pleasure I am very happy to present to you the cover for Fabula Zero Exposition, my new graphic novel mash up of comic and prose storytelling. My artist Bill Young has done an amazing job bringing the Exposition characters to life and I’m looking forward to debuting this book at Baltimore Comic Con on August 20th,  you can check out a preview of the interior here.

Fabula Zero – The rough pencil cover for exposition by Bill Young

Exposition Rough Pencil CoverAs Baltimore Comic Con rushes towards us Fabula Zero Exposition is turning into a heckuva a book. Work still continues on lettering and laying out this mash-up of comic/prose story telling and Bill Young the Exposition book artist has sent me the rough pencil concept for the cover. Looks pretty cool, we have Captain Avenger, Spik & Spak, Doctor Dark and the Ninjas for the Bloody Left Metacarpal all giving the stare down to Jack… A good potent of the story that this cover will contain 🙂 Thoughts?