What Is #Daily10? It Is A Ripple… But Ripples Turn To Waves… #fit10 #lunch10

Nick Davs - Dressing in black and clever camera angles on hide so muchSomething clicked in my head during inktober month… If I could produce 31 sketch card pieces in 10 minutes a day, could I affect another change? While I am not making excuses, the last three years have been hard and I’ve not been taking care of myself as I should have been.

My job as a Web Designer, and my after work hobby as an Indie Creator, Writer, Publisher, Artist all lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. Which means the most exercise I get is moving from desk chair, to well… desk chair.

I am as they say suffering from Shatner spread, I am overweight and things I used to find easy I now find harder to do. I get overheated quicker, my blood pressure ain’t great and my back starts hurting if I stand for longer than 10 minute at a time… It is time to change this, and that is what #daily10 is about.

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