Join Tristan and Me for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Chucks Comics May 4th

FCBD13ChucksComicsThis May 4th for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY I will be at my LCS Chucks Comics celebrating the day and being allowed once again through the kindness of Captain Chuck to sell my wares. So please join me for this fun little event, I will be bringing along all the Cuddly Sketch Cards including my Chucks Comics Exclusive FCBD. Continue reading

Event News!!! – April 13 – See you all at the Annapolis Book Festival in the Third Eye Comics Artist Alley

April 13 - See you at the Annapolis Comic Con

April 13 – See you at the Annapolis Comic Con

On April 13, I have been invited to take part in the Third Eye Comics Artist Alley at the Annapolis Book Festival on this day I will be packing up Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders and be taking up residence in Key School’s Manse Addition for the day. Along with Tristan I will be bringing the Cuddly Sketch CardsTeddy Bear Tale books and all the Alt-World Books including the unique graphic novel mash-up Fabula Zero and my original all ages Fantasy Fairy Stories the Wonder Tales and the new illustrated tale in the series The Daughter of Frost.  I look forward to seeing y’all there and sharing the latest news of what is yet to come from Alt-World 🙂

Putting on a show an Indie Authors guide to running your signing table

Tristan at ChucksOver the last couple of years I’ve attended about a dozen shows varying between Comic book stores, Bookstores, Benefit shows, Book fairs and Comic book conventions all for one reason to showcase my books, and to sell them. I’ve hit, I’ve missed, watched people walk past me like I was invisible, fought off convention sleepiness and pulled off some amazing sales.  What follows after the jump is my collective knowledge on how to put on a show if you are an indie author in a 20 point list… Continue reading