Tristan the Teddy Bear meets Dante Hicks at Sci-Fi Valley Con

Tristan the Teddy Bear Meets Brian O'Halloran

Tristan the Teddy Bear Meets Dante Hicks – who wasn’t even supposed to be here today…

We may have just broken the internet, at Sci-fi in the Valley Tristan met Brian O’Halloran (Dante Hicks from Clerks/Clerks 2), who is  a totally cool guy to talk to. Enjoy the picture, please share and watch out for the full report on this fun show later today…

Guest Column – Three Days at the Pittsburgh Comic Con by Ben Taylor

Pittsburgh Comic Con CoverWelcome to the Alt-World Guest Column, if you’ve got something you want to say, want somewhere to say it and it is related to the activities that Alt-World then contact us and you can find yourself here. This weeks Alt-World Guest Column is brought to you by fellow Brit Ex-Pat and Convention Attendee Ben Taylor.

Hello Everyone,  my name is Ben Taylor and I’m here to write a guest column to clear my head of some of the thoughts that have been running through it since attending the recent Pittsburgh Comicon, which took place in Monroeville, PA September 27th-29th 2013.

Now, for the record, this is not the first time I have attended this show, I actually have attended this show every year for the last 5 years or so. It’s just the first time that I have felt like I needed to get a few things off my chest about it. This is going to sound, or rather read, as a very negative column unless you read all of each point, as not only will I be outlining issues with the show, but after I have placed an issue out there I will suggest something that can help fix it. And no I will not be talking about the history of the show or the drama surrounding Nate Stemen, you can learn more about that here.

First and foremost, please understand that while I attend this show as a fan, I have tabled at many other shows and not only traveled to the show with, but am very good friends with many of the folks that were set up in Artists Alley/Small Press tables, so when I speak about the show from that aspect I’m not just blowing smoke, it’s all from conversations with a great deal of people. And allow me to say that Pittsburgh Comicon was a helluva lot of fun, not necessarily because of the show, but because of the people, and that sentiment was something that was echoed by a lot of people.

Another thing to consider is that much like the current situation with Southern Maryland/Annapolis/Awesomecon DC, Pittsburgh Comicon is taking place in a market that is close to, if not completely, over-saturated with shows. Between it, Steel City, and now PiX as well, the room for maneuver is…slim.

Now onto the show. I think I’m going to break down my points into various sub-categories. So let’s get to it. Continue reading

A weekend of adventure, of books, Teddy Bears, Monsters and Comics at the Baltimore Book Festival

Tristan the Teddy Bear encounters the Monster from the Black Lagoon at the Baltimore Book Festival.

Tristan the Teddy Bear encounters the Creature from the Black Lagoon at the Baltimore Book Festival.

Last weekend Tristan and I had an adventure at the Baltimore Book Festival in the new addition to this celebration of the written word in the Charm City Comics Pavilion hosted by Third Eye Comics and Th3rd World Studios. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as last years adventure at the BBF didn’t go too well for me, this year though was completely different, I had a total blast and my kids came along with me to see what Tristan and I get up too – highlights after the jump. Continue reading

Don’t forget you can meet Tristan from A Teddy Bear Tales at Chucks Comics Ho Haa Anniversary this Saturday!!!

Chucks Comics Hoo Ha!In about 12 hours I will be taking Tristan, A Teddy Bear Tale and the Alt-world Books The Wonder Tales, Fabula Zero Exposition and The Tether Saga to Chucks Comics Ho Haa Anniversary Event. This is a great chance to pick up one of my books, to check out the Cuddly Heroes and take a look at Chuck’s Comics… I hope to see you all there and don’t forget you can RSVP here.

Big Bad Baltimore Blow Up or aka that bloody big storm that hit us Friday night…

Storm Damage on 06/30/2012Did we all enjoy that storm that came barreling through Friday night? It hit us with no real warning and was pretty wild. It knocked out power all over Maryland and some of you are still out as I type this. We were pretty lucky here we only lost power for about three hours, so when the morning came along with those insane triple digit temperatures we at least had the ability to keep ourselves cool. In all here in our part of Essex we received a little damage, the worse being that downed tree just a block up from us, it did get windy and at one point I thought the pool was going collapse, but we got very lucky.   Continue reading