One on One with Erik Larsen creator of Savage Dragon

One on One with Erik Larsen
Creator of Savage Dragon and Co-Founder of Image Comics
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I’ve been reading Savage Dragon since the start of the Dragon Wars, and on FREE comic book day the Savage Dragon book was a primer of everything that came before. With its flash bang quick action style and brutal fight scenes Savage Dragon has a loyal following and appeals to a wide range comic book readers. Being a convert myself I decided to find a little more about its creator and man about comics Mr Erik Larsen.

To my surprise Erik Larsen was very easy to get in contact with and he was open to an interview without me jumping through any hoops to talk to him. The only problem I had was finding a question he hasn’t covered in huge FAQ on his website http//

The interview begins after the jump.

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Savage Emperor Dragon 168 by Erik Larsen delivers an unexpected punch…

Savage Dragon 168Cataclysmic is the only word I can find that describes the Emperor Dragon Arc of Savage Dragon and the ending for Emperor Dragon 168 is completely utterly apocalyptic. We are witness to a  complete change of the status quo and an unexpected very brave final gut punch from owner/creator/writer/artist of Savage Dragon Mr Erik Larsen.

But before I get back to that point here is my review of this eight part slug fest. It all started with Savage Dragon finally getting his original personality reset back to Emperor Kurr and systematically he set about conquering, then cleansing the Earth for his people.

Story spoilers after the jump.

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Upcoming Interview with Erik Larsen

Savage Dragon Issue 163I have an upcoming interview with Erik Larsen (of Savage Dragon fame) on Monday, and I thought I would see if there is anything you as fans would like ask this famed Comic creator/artist. If so leave your questions here and on Monday I will ask him on your behalf.