It’s The End Of The World Again… Again… Again…

End Of The World Again

Well, here we go again… Apparently July 29, 2016 is Armageddon, the end of the world again… again… again… How many times has this been predicted now? I’ve lost count. Anyhow, Armageddon is upon us, the apocalypse, the end times, revelation, rapture or what ever you want to call is here again. So, if you reading this it means…

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End of the World as the Vikings know it! Here comes the Apocalypse it is Ragnorak Time!

Here is RagnorakApparently today is the day the world ends according to Norse mythology, and its all going to start when the wolf son of Loki breaks out of prison and the giant Midgard Serpent rose from the sea. Sounds quite pleasant, eh? Continue reading

DA14 is a coming so don’t forget to duck!

Da14It is worth about $195 billion in mineral resources, is about 150 meters in length and is going to pass within 17,500 miles of us – which is really, really close! It you live in North America you’re not going to see it, but most of the world will be able to look up with good pair of Binoculars and see a shiney object streak through the night sky. Continue reading

12.21.2012 the Mayan long count has run out and it is the End of the World… Are we still here?

2012-PlanetsToday is the final day in the 13th 144,000-day cycle of the ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar it is now the End of the World as we know it. Okay take a breathe… The Apocalypse has not happened… I am sure this will be just one of many End of the World blog posts and comments that I am sure will be all over the internet today. So… As the Mayan Long Count officially finishes approximately 6.11am (CMT) on 12.21.12 I’ve set this post to automatically publish right on the Official End of the World because… Continue reading

Just saying there is less than 21 days until the end of the world… Are you ready?

Mayan CartoonJust a FYI apparently we have less than 21 days until the world as we know it comes to an end, so are you ready? What are you going to do in the next 21 days before the apocalypse is upon us? Build that bomb shelter? Get that box of MRE? Load up with your best Mad Max fashions? Or just like me you know those crazy Mayans just got tired of counting and if I remember the math right the end of the world should have already happened? Maybe it has, we all blinked and we got moved to a new Earth… Or perhaps even more scary we destroy this reality every time we blink our eyes and only recreate it when we open them. After all reality is all perception… So let the countdown begin…