I have to say this… I feel it is a good thing that Obama won four more years and I am very optimistic about the possibilities :)

Four More Year :)Last night the people of the USA made a choice, it stood up against the darkness, the lies, the hatred, the anger and said no. You the voter looked the far-right fear industry right in the eye and said your wrong… You don’t know me, you don’t know what I want and I don’t want a future with you calling the shots. Instead of the extremist, the unprincipled power hungry who was just looking out for the 1%, the voter choose the pragmatist, a leader who has demonstrated that he really is looking out for the average American. I have a lot more faith in Obama as a politician and President than I do in most leaders, and being a skeptical Brit that is saying a lot. It is my hope that over the next four years he leads the USA to where it should be a beacon of hope and light in the world… Thank you America 🙂

Get out your vote… Use it… And use it well no matter who you vote for this is your power…

Obama vs MittWell, it is that time after an insanely long campaign season and the hijinks of the GOP Presidential Candidate show it is going to come down to your vote, and you don’t know how jealous I am of you. You see I am an Immigrant and I cannot vote… yet… I do not have a voice in this election and although you may think you don’t have a voice you do, and it is more powerful than you think. You have a franchise, you have the ability to tell those that represent you what you really think of them. So please use your vote. Continue reading