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The Life... The Legend of an EnglishmanWant to read the comedic beginnings of a journey that will be legendary in its dimensions? This is a story of a boy yet to be a man, and all the growing up you do in between…  For a very limited time I am offering a sample of my latest prose book in progress The Life… The Legend… Of An Englishman totally FREE for you eReading Device at Smashwords…

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This book does contain adult content and is a mature title. You can read the synopsis after the jump. Continue reading

A Teddy Bear Tale News available on Amazon and in all eBook formats

A Teddy Bear Tale PosterQuick update for everyone, four news items here a couple of which will make my Kickstarter contributors happy.

1. A Teddy Bear Tale print proof was approved and the print order placed on December 3rd, today I got confirmation that the print run was complete and it will be shipping in the next 24 hours. I hope to start shipping the books out early next week, a couple of days later than I planned but in all everything has run to schedule. If you are ordering a book now (up to December 18th) or a contributor to the Kickstarter campaign you will get your copy of A Teddy Bear Tale for Christmas. Continue reading

Fabula Zero Exposition the Graphic Novel Mashup of Comic & Prose now available in all eBook formats

Fabula Zero ExpositionThe road to Baltimore Comic Con continues with our first announcement and its a stonker! My graphic novel mashup of comic & prose Fabula Zero Exposition is now available in all eBook formats, including the Kindle, the Nook, Kobo, Sony and for the Apple iBookstore, click this link for full details and price on this first Alt-World graphic novel optimized for your eReader device.

Don’t forget that printed copies of Fabula Zero Exposition will be debuting at Baltimore Comic Con. I will be at Booth A12 on the Artist Alley and you can also pick up our Convention Exclusive Fabula Zero Exposition Broadsheet Comic – Ninja Fight – for just $1!!! Looking forward to seeing you all in Baltimore, you can RSVP here.

The Archer, the Horse and the Princess now the 3rd most Downloaded Fairy Tale on the Nook!!!

The Wonder Tales Issue #1 The Horse, the Archer and the Princess
Thats right! The Wonder Tales Issue #1 The Archer, the Horse and the Princess is now the 3rd most downloaded Fairy Tale on the Nook as of today (listings change daily). Thank you to everyone that has downloaded and read this simple Fairy Tale about a quest for impossible things. Click here to download a sample for yourself. Also please take a moment and check out the rest of The Wonder Tales as well 🙂

The Wonder Tales#5 The Girl and the Troll out now!!! On the #Kindle #Nook @Kobo & @Smashwords

The Wonder Tales - The Girl and the TrollThe Girl & The Troll
by Nick Davis – The Wonder Tale #5

This is a story of brain verses brawn. A Troll wakes up from his 100 year nap and chases the Old Farmers sons from his wood, and claims it for himself. The Farmers young daughter challenges the Troll to three tasks, the winner takes all…

Here is what people have been saying about The Girl and the Troll

“A New Delight Reminiscent of the Classic Fairy Tales… written in the style of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson and Mother Goose. A short story, the author is able to weave a story of bravery and guile that will delight children… if you are a lover of classic fairy tales and fables, then you will love ‘The Girl and the Troll’ – a new fairy tale story to be ‘read’ as a bedtime story…” Suzanne F. Parrott of Unruly Guides

“This is one amazing kid-friendly fable…” Amy Rodgers-Middleton 

“Yay for smart girls saving the day!”Holly Nicole Hoxter

The Girl & Troll available for $0.99 in eBook format in the Apple iBookstore, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords Multi eReader Formats.