Kepler 452b Are We Looking Back At Our Home? #NASA #Kepler

Kepler 452b - Our Home?Today NASA announced the discovery of Kepler-452b discovered by the Kepler Telescope, what makes this planet so special? Well… I will let you know after the jump. Continue reading

It Is a Tiny Blue Marble And We All Live Here On This Spaceship Earth

This Blue Marble Called EarthThis is our blue marble, our Earth, this picture was taken by the DSCOVR satellite, a mission launched by NASA on February 2015 and is in orbit about one million miles above us. It will be measuring atmosphere changes and measuring space weather while transmitting more amazing blue marble pictures.  Continue reading

What On Earth Is Going On With Planet Ceres?

Ceres Pyramid and LightsIt is a small rock stuck in an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, it is barely a dwarf planet and has been largely ignored. Now though as the tractor sized probe Dawn obits this tiny little planet it is suddenly the subject of speculation after two mysterious lights were found shining from its surface, and today a 3-mile high pyramid-shaped object was spotted. This speculation runs from an alien civilization, to a deposit of ice or salt reflecting light. I have my own theory and it is fairly simple – we left something behind on our planet hop to Earth. Hey… makes about much sense as Aliens, right?

Ceres Mysterious Lights

Source NASA JPL – Ceres Spots Continue To Mystify In Latest Dawn Images

We are all going to die a horrible impact death!!! Or are we?

Check out this neat little procrastination tool created by the Boffins over at Purdue Imperial College. Now you can calculate near earth asteroid impacts and learn the damage from the object of your choice. Learn the many interesting ways you can can die from an asteroid or object impacts, my favorite was death by 5405mph winds stripping me to the bone… Got to save that one for my next book.  Check out Impact Earth here.