Introducing My Deviant Art Portfolio

Lola Bunny and Bugs Bunny as Harley Quinn and Joker Sketch CoverHello, did you all notice all the art and stuff on my website? I have a lot and it is hard to keep track of everything that I do… From Powerpuff/Teddy Bear Pop Culture Mashups, to Sketch Covers and Comic book pages. I simply cannot always update Alt World Studios to keep up with everything! So… What to do?

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What was really missing from Green Lantern the Muppet Lantern Corps

Muppet Green Lantern CorpsI found this fun image poking around the interwebs and I think this is what was really missing from the Green Lantern Movie, the final ingredient that would of pushed it over the edge into one of the best movies of the year. Meet the Muppet Lantern Corps.

As you can see they are more realistic than Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordon and would of made the fractured script actually make sense. Anyhow thought I would share, you can view more images like this on Abby Mermerson’s Deviant Art page here.

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