Drawing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Anime Nurse In a Chinese Dress With a Phoenix Motif [UPDATED]

Chinese Dress Anime NurseThis was an odd commission to get – drawing an anime styled Nurse in a Chinese dress with a phoenix motif. This would take me completely outside my comfort zone of my more normal cartoony cuddly toy Teddy Bear zone and really did test me. Continue reading

Concept: Mr Button the Teddy Bear The Ultimate Defense Against The Monsters Under The Bed

Mr Button The Teddy BearMeet Mr Button the Teddy Bear… Do you have a Monster under the bed infestation? Things that go bump in the night? Dealing with a Bogeyman manifestations? Meet the ultimate solution to all your night terrors, with Mr Button you no longer have a problem. Continue reading

Mad Max, Imperator Furiosa and Nux Reimagined Into To The Furry Road #TeddyBear

Mad Max 'Teddy Bear' Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa Bunny and the War Boy Bear Nux the trio of heroes from Mad Max Fury (Furry) Road.Take a trip down Furry Road with Mad Max Ted, Imperator Furiosa Bunny and Nux the War Bear, as I have a little fun turning the heroes of Mad Max Fury Road into more cuddly, furry versions. These Cuddly Sketches were finished in black ink and colored used blended Derwent Inktense pencils. Take a look at these re-imagined heroes from a world gone mad (and furry) after the jump.



Adventure Yet To Come – A Teddy Bear Tale II Illustration By Nick Davis

Adventure Yet To Come by Nick Davis

Adventure Yet To Come – A Teddy Bear Tale II Illustration by Nick Davis

This is an illustration featuring Tristan and Wilma based on the final paragraph from A Teddy Bear Tale II, Tristan the Teddy Bears second adventure as he saved the Toy Train from the Green Headed Monster. So, if you don’t want to know how that illustrated adventure ended don’t click the jump. Continue reading

Saving The World Just Before Bedtime… #Hero

Hero - A Teddy Bear Saving The World Before Bedtime

Hero – Saving The World Before Bedtime by Nick Davis

Hero… This Teddy Bear is going to save the world before bedtime and he is coming Fall 2015. Continue reading