Review – Onslaught Unleashed / Daredevil Reborn two mini-series you should have avoided

Onslaught Unleashed
Publisher: Marvel
Written by Sean McKeever
Penciled by Filipe Andrade
Cover by Jumberto Ramos

Sounds exciting, right? The return of one the most powerful foes the Marvel heroes have ever fought. I was sadly very wrong.

I got this because I was enjoying the Nomad back up strip in the Captain America book. Here we had Rikki Barnes, the girl with no world trying to make a life for herself in the Marvel world. It sort of worked and had a nice charm to it. Even the art, which was extremely stylized near the end of its run to the point you couldn’t recognize major Marvel heroes was slightly forgivable; because the story just worked well.

Then I got Onslaught Unleashed in my box; for some reason I decided to stay with it despite the art looking horrible. I wanted to know how the collective of some of the Secret Avengers with Steve Rogers, the Young Allies and Rikki would defeat the entity that killed 90% of Marvels heroes and birthed the reborn universe.

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