Mad Max, Imperator Furiosa and Nux Reimagined Into To The Furry Road #TeddyBear

Mad Max 'Teddy Bear' Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa Bunny and the War Boy Bear Nux the trio of heroes from Mad Max Fury (Furry) Road.Take a trip down Furry Road with Mad Max Ted, Imperator Furiosa Bunny and Nux the War Bear, as I have a little fun turning the heroes of Mad Max Fury Road into more cuddly, furry versions. These Cuddly Sketches were finished in black ink and colored used blended Derwent Inktense pencils. Take a look at these re-imagined heroes from a world gone mad (and furry) after the jump.



Doctor Who Cuddly Sketch Peter Capaldi Doctor Twelth, Thirteen or First New Generation Doctor?

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Doctor by Nick Davis

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Doctor by Nick Davis

The latest edition to my Doctor Who Cuddly Sketches is the Peter Capaldi Doctor in his first season outfit. Continue reading

My Year in Art Collage – over 150 individual art pieces complete in my second year of picking up a pencil

My 2013 Year in Art Collage

My 2013 Year in Art Collage

I had to put this collage together, I had to see just how much art I had produced over the last year. While compared to some it isn’t that impressive, for me it is quite a collection with over 150 individual pieces. Continue reading

WH40K Adeptus Astartus Ursus Theodorus aka Space Marine Teddy Bear Cuddly Sketch

Space Marine Teddy Bear

Space Marine Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

Adeptus Astartus Ursus Theodorus

Aka Space Marine Teddy Bear – this was a Southern Maryland Comic-Con request for the Cuddly Sketch Cards. The mightiest of all Teddy Bear warriors the Space Marines. Finished in Derwent inktense pencils and black ink.

You can view the entire Cuddly Sketch Card range and request a favorite character of your own to be drawn a little more Cuddly than normal by clicking here.

Introducing Fernando the Mouse Lion, the only Cuddly Defender who has his own theme song

Fernando the Mouse Lion - A Real Cuddly DefenderMeet Fernando the Mouse Lion, a new character from the Graphic Novel Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders. Fernando is the Cuddly Defenders Engineer who maintains the Golden Goose and can build some truly remarkable things like Rocket Ships. It is said if you gave Fernando an elastic band and piece of wire he can make anything. Continue reading