Say His Name! Say His Name! The Cuddly Cthulhu Is Coming To Melt Your Mind With Cuteness!

The Cuddly Cthulhu

The Cuddly Cthulhu – $29.99
Release Date 07/31/2016

The Cuddly CthulhuHe will melt your mind with cuteness!!!

The Cuddly Cthulhu, is custom-made in the USA by Dotsbears exclusively for the Cuddly Defenders Teddy Bear Line, this cute destroyer of reality is handmade and stands about 20 inches in height and has five points of articulation to bring on the end of the reality.

Listen to the Call of Cthulhu, the old one is waiting for you to order today.

The Cuddly Cthulhu is available for Pre-Order and will be released upon the world on July 31st, 2016. First run quantities are limited so reserve your Destroyer of Reality today.

The Cuddly Cthulhu is completely child safe, with hard-wearing hypoallergenic fur and stuffing, all eye fittings are safety locked, and joints are nylon cuffed for hard-wearing non-snap action.
The Cuddly Cthulhu – $29.99

The Cuddly Cthulhu

The Cuddly Cthulhu

Miss Cthulhu

Miss Cthulhu

The Cuddly Defenders Meet Cthulhu

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We Baited Our Tiger Trap With a Tuna Fish Sandwich And Look What We Caught…

We baited out tiger trap with a tuna fish sandwich and caught Horace the TigerHorace the Lonely Tiger

We caught Horace the Tiger… This special cuddly toy is searching for playtime, this lonely tiger has never experienced the joy of playing and to just go exploring.

Left forgotten on a storeroom shelf, Horace decided to set off on a quest to find his playtime companion after watching a young girl play with her Cuddly Bunny.

First he went exploring, discovering all the places children play and the hidden portals used by the Monsters under the Bed to travel from the realm of Underbed to our world. Now he travels from bedroom to bedroom stopping the Boogeyman and his Monsters under the bed from invading our bedtime; as he searches for his playtime companion.

Now Horace the Tiger has joined the Cuddly Defenders Toy Range, handmade in the USA by Custom Teddy Bear Artist Dot from Dotsbears you can order Horace to be your playtime companion here.

These is never enough time to do all the nothing that you want


NEW ARRIVAL!!! Artie The Teddy Bear – Limited Time Release

Artie The Teddy Bear Cuddly Toy


Artie The Teddy BearThe Star of the Helping Hand Comic Strip in Out Of The Attic, desperately keeping his child’s treasure safe from an unseen villain. Now you can own this little yellow Teddy Bear for your own. He is a keeper of secrets, loyal friend and Cuddly Defenders to keep you, and yours safe from the bumps in the night.

Now with the help of Dots Bears, the custom Teddy Bear builder, Artie has been brought to life as Cuddly Toy and 14 inches in height with warm yellow colored fur, with a blue sash.

This Teddy Bear is traditionally jointed with five points of articulation, and is soft and cuddly. Artie the Teddy Bear is handmade in the USA and is available for only $24.99 with shipping and handling.

Artie the Teddy Bear – $24.99

Artie the Teddy Bear Art Work

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Cuddly A Snowman For The Holidays! Custom Made In The USA

Teddy Bear Snowman

Hey Teddy Bear Fans! I have something really cool for you here. Dot from DotsBears who custom makes the Cuddly Defender Toys has come up with a brand new Cuddy Toy – The Snowman.

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Full Pencil Preview Of A Long Tall Tail From The Cuddly Defenders Comic: Out Of The Attic 2

Wilma Bunny & Fernando the Mouse Lion (Art by Veronica Smith)Hey Teddy Bear Fans, I have a treat for you today with a preview of the pencils for the new Cuddly Defender story for Out Of The Attic 2 –  A Long Tall Tail featuring Wilma Bunny and Fernando the Mouse Lion.  Continue reading