An Unexpected Audience + Cuddly Sketch = A Green Lantern Speed Drawing Challenge

An unexpected audience

Me at my drawing board – I don’t always have an audience…

This all happened very unexpectedly… I had a piece of paper, a pencil and was looking to wind down after a very long five-hour drive taking my kids home to their Mother. Before I knew if I had an unexpected audience of my Wife’s cousin/nieces and  they were surprised how fast I was putting the illustration together. So to show them just how fast I can push out a Cuddly Sketch (when I am on my A game)  I started a speed drawing challenge of 30 minutes…  Want to see how it all turned out? Continue reading

Little Yellow Boxes… Deadpool Teddy Bear, my first full sized Cuddly Sketch Illustration

Deadpool Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

Little… Yellow… Boxes… Deadpool Teddy Bear by Nick Davis

Little… Yellow.. Boxes! Deadpool Teddy Bear illustration is complete.  This fun first full-sized Cuddly Sketch was a blast to draw and which I finished with black ink and Derwent Inktense pencils, whaddayathink?

The Tenth Doctor David Tennant is now a Doctor Who Cuddly Sketch Card

The Tenth Doctor by Nick Davis

The Tenth Doctor by Nick Davis

The Tenth Doctor played by Davis Tennant in the 2005 Doctor Who TV series on BBC. The Tenth Doctor was generally a lot less grim than his last incarnation and displayed a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky manner, but repeatedly demonstrates a vengeful and unforgiving streak as well. Continue reading

This is my Doctor the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker and now he is part of my Doctor Who Cuddly Sketch Cards

The Fourth Doctor by Nick Davis

The Fourth Doctor by Nick Davis

The Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker in the 1974 Doctor Who TV series, this was my Doctor the one I grew up with, it was the Monsters he faced that had me hiding behind the sofa. In many ways he is considered to be the most recognizable Doctor and he certainly had one of the longest TV reigns defining the role as a whimsical and sometimes brooding individual whose enormous personal warmth is at times tempered by his capacity for righteous anger. Continue reading

From the Cuddly Doctor Who set the Second Doctor Patrick Troughton is now complete!

The Second Doctor by Nick Davis

The Second Doctor by Nick Davis

Continuing on my quest to complete a set of Cuddly Doctors I have moved onto the Second Doctor played by Patrick Troughton in the 1966 Doctor Who series. Regenerating after the events of The Tenth Planet this incarnation of the Doctor was much more a ragged cosmic hobo than the prim and proper Edwardian Gentleman he was before. Continue reading