Nana… Nana… Nana… Batbear… The Dark Knight gets a little more cuddly with a Batman Teddy Bear fullsize illustration

I am Batbear by Nick Davis

I am Batbear by Nick Davis

Picking up a trend at the moment and I am having a lot of fun drawing these. Taking a break from my usual line of Marvel characters I had a go at DC’s most famous son Batman… Of course with my usual cuddly twist. Meet Batbear the Dark Cuddly… Continue reading

Meet the Avengers, X-Bears, Indies and more in the Cuddly Hero Sketch Card Art Project


Cyclops by Nick Davis

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting images from my Cuddly Hero Art Project on Pinterest and twitter. The idea is to collect together comic book, computer game and movie heroes and give them a fluffier spin. So far I’ve cranked out about 24 cards and working on the next set of 8 – which will include some DC favorites.

All Sketch Card Prints start life as original pencils, hand painted with Gouche Watercolor and then inked.  Each wave is approximately 52 cards and is released in sets of 8 at time. Please click the links below to browse the range and use our contact form to suggest new Cuddly Heroes for Nick to draw. You can view all the Cuddly Hero Sketch Cards by clicking here.