New arrival from meet Lionel the Teddy Bear a possible Cuddly Defender prototype for Archer

Lionel the Teddy Bear from A Teddy Bear TalesHad this little fluffy fella waiting for me at home after work. Dot from the lady who made the Tristan Defender Teddy Bear and rest of the Cuddly Defenders as fluffy, furry toys has been working on a new Teddy Bear face and she was kind enough to send me a sample. We’ve named this Teddy bear Lionel, and I think I might use this as the model for the Archer Cuddly Defender Bear, what do you think? Continue reading

Up in the Air – A Whimsical Teddy Bear Tale Concept Illustration to fuel the creative process

Up in the Air; A Teddy Bear Tale Concept Illustration by Nick Davis

Up in the Air; A Teddy Bear Tale Concept Illustration by Nick Davis

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you know I have spent the day working on a fun whimsical concept illustration using the Teddy Bear Tale characters. The illustration which I have called Up in the Air features Tristan, Wilma and Archer floating along with the aid of balloons. I often work on a concept illustration to help fuel the creative writing process and quite often what appears on the drawing board makes it way into a story. Continue reading

The Cuddly Defenders take on the Monsters under the Bed a quick sketch by Dan Nokes

The Cuddly Defenders by Dan Nokes

The Cuddly Defenders by Dan Nokes

This sketch by Dan Nokes is part of his daily Quick Sketch Challenge where he asks you to challenge him to a illustrate anything from your imagination – you can click here to learn how to take part. I asked to Dan, who is also the artist for A Teddy Bear Tales to draw the Cuddly Defenders Tristan, Wilma and Archer surrounded by the Monsters under the bed. This is also a concept drawing for an idea I am playing with for the first Teddy Bear Tale comic…

Join the pledge race to win the Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny

Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny by Nick Davis

I need your help, I have the story complete and production templates complete. I have Dan Nokes waiting with pen in hand to start illustrating all I need to do is pay him, after all artists do need to eat. To do this A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two needs to win its full funding on Kickstarter and this is were you can help!

Every day I take up the One Pledge A Day to see if we can get one pledge towards this project to win the funding. I’m now challenging you my Backers to help me launch. Please shout, scream, Facebook, Tweet, Myspace, Email, arm twist, Tumblr, Social Media everyone you know about this project. For every Backer you get to pledge money to this project you score one point to win the new 16″ Cuddly Defender Wilma Bunny hand made by Dot from Dotsbears.

Wilma Bunny was the old cuddly toy that belonged to Tristan’s Boy’s Sister, she is a white bunny with red ribbon on her ears, blue eyes and a slightly grubby pink tutu. Don’t be fooled by this Bunny’s cute appearance she is feisty and more than a match for our heroic Teddy Bear.

Just get the Backer refer you in a message to me on Kickstarter and I will keep tally. At the end of this month if we win full funding the Backer with the highest score wins a FREE Wilma Bunny along with a copy of the new book. To learn more about the Kickstarter Project for A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two please click here –

Now please help me A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two launch!
Nick Davis