Looking at what is to come with some Teddy Bear Tale Concepts

Moorlock – A Teddy Bear Tale Concept Character

With this post we are taking a quick look into the possible future of the Teddy Bear Tales with four concept watercolors of new characters that may be joining or hindering Tristan as he continues his journey with Wilma in the World within a World, and his struggle against the Bogeyman and his Monsters under the Bed. You can view these new characters in the gallery after the jump. Continue reading

Toy concepts from the Tim Burton Superman Lives movie emerge

Superman LivesSuperman, an iconic character and a staple superhero of generations; it is a mystery that a character with ongoing appeal would have so much difficulty relaunching a movie. Sure we had Superman Returns which actually wasn’t that bad an effort, even if it did have reheated up script from the first movie in the 80’s.  Continue reading

Tristan the Defender character studies by Dan Nokes for Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale

Tristan the Defender - Character studyAs the Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Take Kickstarter project is turning its wheels as it gathers funding the books artist Dan Nokes is busy working on full gray-scale characters studies of Tristan the Defender. These character studies help Dan get a feel for our heroic Teddy Bear, and also provide additioanl inspiration to me as the writer of this story. So far he has produced two very characterful illustrations which you can check out after the jump.  Continue reading