Dan Dan Dah! Rokkit Bunny!

Whooosh!! Rokkit BunnyHere comes Rokkit Bunny! Hero, Bunny and Cuddly Toy with a jetpack! The following comic strip is something a little different, it is an experiment  in storytelling using panel pacing and movement. Drawn and plotted by me using Procreate on an Apple iPad & Pencil. You can view the two page story after the jump and please let me know what you think.

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Hey DCEU! Is It Time To Put The Man Back Into Superman?

SupermanI have never made any secret of my bitter disappointment in the DCEU movies and the almost criminally mishandling of the characters and their core values. However what they did to Superman was a crime, sacrificing his values on the altar of building a franchise… When really all they needed to do was put the man into Super.

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First Look At The Mr Button One-Shot Comic A Very Different Teddy Bear Tale (NSFW)

Mr Button, One-Shot A Teddy Bear TaleThis is a first look at a comic book page from Mr Button One-Shot. This is a very, very different Teddy Bear Tale about Mr Button who has decided to tackle the Monster under the bed problem in a very unique way. This isn’t a cuddly story and the following preview is not suitable for work, and it borderline Rated R… So you have been warned… Continue reading