A Lost Weekend At The Virginia Comic Con A Review Of The 2 Day VA Comicon [UPDATED]

At VA Comic Con before the show begins

Man… Looks like I am two cups of tea behind the day

How do I start this? It is fair to say I had a helluva convention adventure at VA Comicon aka the Virginia Comicon, and it was a roller-coaster ride. Although I was one of the few who came out okay, there was a huge disconnect compared to last years much better run and artist friendly show. So, to review this show I am going to knock it down into two sections, the good and the bad. Continue reading

A Utilikilt is the best piece of apparel ever!

One Man and his kilt

One Man and his kilt

I first saw a Utilikilt about four years go at Baltimore Comic Con, and I knew right then and there I wanted one. Yes, it took four years and a gift from my girls before I finally got my hands on one, I do now proudly own one. The last time I wore a kilt it was back in the 90’s when I was an extra in the amazing ‘B’ movie Chasing the Deer staring alongside the Dynamite Kid himself Brian Blessed. Well… When I say alongside I really mean about a hundred yards to left, third row back. Close enough though to say I worked with one of my idols. Yes, it is true I am in the same movie as the King of the Hawkmen! Continue reading