Join Me This Weekend At the 20th Anniversary Baltimore Comic Con

Coming Too Baltimore Comic Con

This weekend, starting Friday at 11am I can be found at Artist Table A11 at the 20th Anniversary Baltimore Comic Con, and it looks like this is going to be a stonker of show.

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This Weekend You Can Find Me At The Comic Con For Kids In Philly!

The Comic Con For KidsHey, hey this weekend Altworld Studios is back on the road,and we will be at the Kids Comic Con in Great Oaks, PA and it looks like a stonker of a show! Or as the Kids Comic Con puts it, a 200,000 square foot, immersive, one-of-a-kind, pop culture, gaming, tech event for the entire family.

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A Lost Weekend At The Virginia Comic Con A Review Of The 2 Day VA Comicon [UPDATED]

At VA Comic Con before the show begins

Man… Looks like I am two cups of tea behind the day

How do I start this? It is fair to say I had a helluva convention adventure at VA Comicon aka the Virginia Comicon, and it was a roller-coaster ride. Although I was one of the few who came out okay, there was a huge disconnect compared to last years much better run and artist friendly show. So, to review this show I am going to knock it down into two sections, the good and the bad. Continue reading

A Utilikilt is the best piece of apparel ever!

One Man and his kilt

One Man and his kilt

I first saw a Utilikilt about four years go at Baltimore Comic Con, and I knew right then and there I wanted one. Yes, it took four years and a gift from my girls before I finally got my hands on one, I do now proudly own one. The last time I wore a kilt it was back in the 90’s when I was an extra in the amazing ‘B’ movie Chasing the Deer staring alongside the Dynamite Kid himself Brian Blessed. Well… When I say alongside I really mean about a hundred yards to left, third row back. Close enough though to say I worked with one of my idols. Yes, it is true I am in the same movie as the King of the Hawkmen! Continue reading