A Day of Book Signing at Chucks Comics Hoo Haa Day

Nick looking all serious and author likeToday was a good day for Alt-World and myself as I took all three of my main titles to Chucks Comics as the Captain himself invited me to conduct a book signing, and I gladly accepted. I took both current titles of The Tether Saga and the first volume of The Wonder Tales, to be honest I didn’t expect much, selling prose books at a comic event is always hard work.

I was placed next to the boys from Heritage HSQ Comics, a two-man creative team that have pumped out some cool titles, what makes them even more amazing is one of them is legally blind! The day went really well, The Wonder Tales was a unexpected hit, who knew comic book readers had a soft spot for all ages fairy tales? I tried out my new prices for all titles package price as an experiment and it brings hope for Baltimore Comic Con.

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Alt-World Book Signing at Chucks Comics Hoo Haa Day Sale! This Saturday 11am onwards!

Just want to remind you all that I will doing a Book Signing at Chucks Comics Hoo Haa Sale this Saturday at 11am. I will be bringing The Tether Saga books and The Wonder Tales Volume One along with me.  I’m also going to bringing artwork from Fabula Zero and other works in progress.

This is a great opportunity to talk to me about upcoming projects and to pick up some cool comics, look forward to seeing you all here. You can RSVP here.

Accept One Book Signing @chuckscomics photo gallery, thank you to everyone today :)

Today I spend with the crew at Chucks Comics during my debut book signing for Accept One, the second book of the Tether Saga. My thank you to the good Captain (thats me pictured above with him), his crew, Biggie and to everyone that came out today and picked up a book from me. Thank you very much, I do not have words to express my gratitude.

I hope you enjoyed the FREE Cupcakes courtesy of the Sweetsfairy (http://www.sweetsfairy.com). The first ten customers who brought my novel, I cannot guarantee that the FREE Tether you got with your novel will summon any Angelic Entities, but please let me know if it does.

Again thank you to everyone, for writers these are good days.

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Geek out moment with Powers Comic book covers

Over the next three days my local comic book shop Chucks Comics, over here in Essex Maryland (just east of Baltimore) are having a crazy $1 back issue sale (more details at Chucks Comics website by clicking here) I took this opportunity to pick up a huge pile of Powers back issues by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Avon Oeming. Great story, but what I really like about these comics are the covers they are simply amazing!

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