Try my Ramen Noodle Christmas Left Over’s Casserole Recipe

ramen noodle christmas left over casserole

Ramen Noodle Christmas Left Over’s Casserole after the family attacked it for first servings.

Face it… You don’t really want warmed up Turkey/Ham Christmas meal again, but you don’t want those left overs to go to waste, so here is the solution the Altworld Ramen Noodle Casserole Recipe. Trust me your family will love this thrown together moor’ish meal. Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to one and all


Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and I wish you all the best for this day however you spend and celebrate it. Be safe, have fun and enjoy family and friends 🙂 Art Source Mike Maihack –

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wot not

Ginger Star War AT-AT WalkerToday is a day that seemed an age away when you were a child, and approaches all too fast when your an adult. This is a day for giving, for seeing the joy on your loved ones faces and knowing somehow, at that one moment everything is right, everything is perfect and how it should always be.

Speaking of perfect, check out that Star Wars Ginger Bread Imperial AT-AT isn’t it cool! The perfect vehicle for an attack on Candy Land and those pesky Rebels.

I wish you all everyone of you a very Merry Christmas, a very jolly Holiday and all the best this season. We may not know the future, but life is beautiful, this season more than any other has shown that. Now just open your eyes and look around, Happy Christmas.