Spooky Abigail: Not Quite the Worst Witch Limited Edition Comic Issue One

Spooky Abigail Limited Edition Cover

Spooky Abigail Limited Edition Cover

Spooky Abigail – Not Quite the Worse Witch Yet

Written by Nick Davis
Art/Color by Veronica Smith
Inked/Letterers by Paul Michael
Published by PRM Comics

Who is Spooky Abigail?

This all-ages comic book follows the misadventures of Spooky Abigail a Witch in Training (WiT) at MacGiven’s Academy for Magical Beings in the mysterious and fantastical land of Notorious Odly, Not (NoN) that smells slightly like onions (the Leak is a national export).

Spooky Abigail issue one introduces this new world and we get to know Spooky the only Witch in the school who wears glasses and her best friend Bella the Weregirl. We also meet the Mean Girl Coven led by Millicent Chauderon – who constantly picks on Spooky, and we delve into the secrets of the Forbidden Library.

All this sets up Spooky’s first adventure, and you are invited to start this journey, to buy this comic visit the Spooky Abigail website by clicking here.

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