Giving the Gift of a Memory at My Daughters Big 10 Special

Krissy & Prince

My Daughter and her Prince, this is what makes every sacrifice worth it

Today we did something very special for my Daughter, we celebrated her Big 10 by giving her a day out of her choosing. The Big 10 is important as it is the only time you turn a digit before hitting 100, it is a time to celebrate and give an extra special memory. My Daughter gave us four suggestions and we acted on one of them. She wanted to ride a horse, so we took her horse back riding.

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Now He is Eleven!!!

Kids... Get them a phone and you disappear...Been a very hectic day… Today my son Lance turned Eleven!!! Wow… Eleven!!! I remember him being very tiny, you blink and they grow up too fast. That’s a picture of my son above, we got him a basic cellphone for his Birthday, which I am sure at the time of its release over a year ago was the¬†pinnacle¬†of cellphone tech, and like every kid of his generation there is no world outside of it now…

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