Calvin and Hobbes Birthday Cake By The Sweetsfairy For My 42nd Birtday :P

Calvin and Hobbes Birthday Cake by the Sweetsfairy

Calvin and Hobbes Birthday Cake by the Sweetsfairy

A Calvin and Hobbes Birthday Cake for my 42nd year by my darling wife Jean aka as the Sweets fairy, thank you my Darling. You can view more of this awesome Birtday cake after the jump. To contact the Sweets fairy for your own Calvin and Hobbes Cake you can click here. Continue reading

Excelsior!!! Happy 91st Birthday Stan ‘Da Man’ Lee

Stan Lee meets the Dollar

Stan Lee (right) meets the Dollar

Hey True Believers, love him or hate him, Stan Lee is Da Man and has helped shape wonder and imaginations of millions. He is the creator, the writer, the visionary and the man most associated with comics, and bringing them in the modern age…

Happy Birthday Sir! Excelsior!!!

And in case you need a reason to love Stan ‘Da Man’ Lee more check out the 16 Reasons Why We Love Stan Lee Lists on Buzzfeed.

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby the unspoken King of Comics!!!


Kirby_bday_TobinToday is the birthday of Jack Kirby (1917 -1994) the King of comics and one of the prime architects of Marvel comics pantheon, inspiring generations with his dynamic art style and amazing details. Thank you Sir for your imagination, your dynamism and for bringing worlds of wonder alive.

Happy 95th Birthday Nelson Mandela we should all aspire to be better than ourselves

Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela, is perhaps the most remarkable men in the world. With everything he went through he had every right to turn on his tormentors instead of dividing, instead of casting hate, instead of casting anger… He united a nation… Continue reading

Well… Now that I am 40 I guess I should grow up now, right?

Come dream with me...

So this be 40?

It is hard to imagine that today is my 40th Birthday, that I’ve been on this Planet this long and somehow through all my misadventures managed to live this long, and to have a life. You see even now I cannot see myself as 40 years of age, we all carry with us a certain mental age image in our head of how we look and act. Most of the time this mental age image has us in our perpetual mid-twenties, but now I am at an age were we should be all grown up and building on the successes of our thirties… How did I get here? Continue reading