Atlas, the Robot that now walk’s amongst us… Science fiction is fast becoming fact!

atlasx299Meet Atlas,  a biped free-standing environment aware rescue robot able to move around his surroundings and manipulate them. It is finally here the true dawning of an age I thought I would never see. Atlas is going to be the Grandfather of the Robots we read about in Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot or in 2000AD ABC Warriors, watched as Cylons on TV or as the friendly Androids in Star Wars. Continue reading

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome Trailer and it looks good…

BSG RaptorIt has been a long wait, we endured Caprica and learning that Cylons are really nothing more than impetuous child that never got a pony and thankfully that disappeared before it completely blew up the myth. Now, we get what should of happened after BSG and that is Blood & Chrome which is set in the First Cylon War, and Adama is a cocky Fighter Jock. Check out the trailer after the jump, it looks pretty damn good, especially seeing Galactica all bright and shiney… So watch it before NBC act stupid, forget the power and importance of viral marketing, and yank it Continue reading

You can’t go home again

BSGVsBSGYou can’t go home again. I’ve head this phrase many times and it is true you can’t. Everything you remember when you were a kid is a lot different now your an adult. While nostalgia is a wonderful thing it can blind you to stories, to reimagines that vastly improve or build upon mythos of the original, never let yourself get stuck in the past, it closes the mind and you miss wonders you can never imagine. Continue reading