An Englishman Watching Baseball The Baltimore Orioles Vs The Toronto Blue Jays

Orioles v Blue Jays - I have no idea what is going onI was very lucky a week ago to win six tickets to the Baltimore Orioles Vs The Toronto Blue Jays series of Baseball Games from my workplace. Of course┬áthe irony did not escape the Marketing Department┬áthat I work for, that the one person working for Alban CAT who knows nothing about the game, or really cares that much about it, won home plate tickets to a game of Baseball. After all I am English, and Baseball… Well… I will be fair, it isn’t my cup of tea.

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Thirty-One Days of #Inktober with just me, my ink pen and a pile of #sketchcards

My Little Pony Deadpool

My Little Pony Deadpool

If you have been following my Tweets throughout the month of October you will know I’ve been taking part in a special Artist events called Inktober. The idea of the event is to produce an ink drawing for every day of October, and then post them tagged with #inktober. It has been for me a learning event, and you can check out all 31 illustrations after the jump. Continue reading