Fabula Zero Exposition a home grown graphic novel mashup of comic/prose based in Baltimore hits new heights!

Pilot reading Fabula Zero ExpositionFabula Zero Exposition is my graphic novel mash up of comic book action and narrative prose about the story of Jack; a comic writer who has lost the plot and who’s superhero characters get fed up of waiting for him to finish their story. So they take matters into their own hands and throw Jack into action straight out of the pages of a comic book. You can check out the preview pages here of this reality bending book based in Baltimore and is now reaching new heights, I guess the pilot (above) is enjoying the diabolical dance number 😉

Fairly Anti-Climatic Hurricane Irene – Wind, rain & an indoor water feature right here in Baltimore

Hurricane Irene - NCR TrailI have to say for me Hurricane Irene was fairly anti-climatic, I think it helped that the eye swerved slightly to the right and only sideswiped Maryland. Not to say it wasn’t wild at times,  we did catch a lot of rain and the wind was fairly nutty. Continue reading

The Baltimore 911 Memorial that will be revealed outside the WTC

911 Baltimore MemorialOne of the reasons I like taking the opportunity to work in downtown Baltimore  is there is always something interesting going on. Today they were putting the twisted girders in place for the 911 memorial outside the WTC. The girders pictured above from my sneak peek shot come from the 94th & 97th floor of the New York World Trade Centers that fell on 9/11/2001. They will be part of an interactive memorial which you can touch this piece of history, that will be fully revealed on the 10th anniversary of this tragic event.

The Big Bad Baltimore Earthquake Hon! My tale of epic survival against all the odds…

Did you feel it? I did… Now I get to tell my little Earthquake survival story. I was sitting in my office chair on the 13th floor of the WTC when the big bad Baltimore Earthquake hit, 5.8 straight through my chair while talking to Jean. I initially thought it was a wind gust or the gas cylinder in the chair I was in went. Then the shaking continued; I started to bounce around the floor and there was no way I was going to stay in an office block while this was going on. I think I cleared the building in about five minutes which is pretty impressive for 13 floors.   Continue reading

Hurricane Irene coming to Baltimore this weekend!!!

Hurricane Irene UpdateShe’s big, she’s angry and she’s coming to Baltimore this weekend!!! If you’ve not seen the weather report we are looking at a Cat1 Hurricane and its aiming right at us.  Since we don’t have Captain Avenger or Atlasman around to stop it as part of my public awareness blog post I recommend if you are in the storms path to do the following. Continue reading