It Shouldn’t Happen To A Lyft Driver – The Flower Pot Man

Everything Is So Pink In LyftLet’s continue down the rabbit hole that was my five months of being a Lyft Driver, though out my 667 rides I saw many things and experienced a lot of different types of passengers. One of the questions I get asked do you have any good drunk stories? And like any Ride-share or Taxi driver I do.

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It Shouldn’t Happen To A Lyft Driver – My First Time

Everything Is So Pink In Lyft“Hello, this is your Lyft Driver,” are the first word you hear from me if you called me via the Lyft App here in Baltimore. Yes, you read that right I am, or more correctly was a Lyft Driver for over half this year and it has been a very interesting ride.

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Looks Like Baltimore Is Going To Have A Big Snow Day – Safety Tips [UPDATED]

Baltimore County SnowageddonIf the News Media can ever make up its mind it looks like we are staring at a snow fall/blizzard from two inches to a possible two foot (depending how desperate the news station is for ratings.) Now I am certain we are going to get snow, I don’t think it will be to the truly epic proportions that some TV weather forecasters are promising us, but it is going to be a weather event Remember snow is snow and as the drivers around DC demonstrated with the sprinkle that hit us Wednesday night, it is not to be taken lightly to move around in, and even one inch can significantly impact you.

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Looks Like Hurricane Joaquin Might Be Joining Us This Weekend – Safety Tips [UPDATED]

Hurricane Joaquin Coming To BaltimoreGiven current predicts it looks likes Hurricane Joaquin may be joining us over the weekend, although I suspect by the time it gets to us it will be a tropical storm, or just a soggy depression. However, there remains a possibility we will get blasted by a lot of rain and see some wild woolly storms aiming to rip through Baltimore in the next few days. I am re-posting my public awareness blog, packed full of recommend safety tips to take you through the upcoming extreme natural event.

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A weekend of adventure, of books, Teddy Bears, Monsters and Comics at the Baltimore Book Festival

Tristan the Teddy Bear encounters the Monster from the Black Lagoon at the Baltimore Book Festival.

Tristan the Teddy Bear encounters the Creature from the Black Lagoon at the Baltimore Book Festival.

Last weekend Tristan and I had an adventure at the Baltimore Book Festival in the new addition to this celebration of the written word in the Charm City Comics Pavilion hosted by Third Eye Comics and Th3rd World Studios. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as last years adventure at the BBF didn’t go too well for me, this year though was completely different, I had a total blast and my kids came along with me to see what Tristan and I get up too – highlights after the jump. Continue reading