A Teddy Bear Tale… Or as we call it a Teddy Bear meets 300 and some Quick Sketch Fun!

300 Teddy Bear

This is Teddy! Quick Sketch by Dan Nokes

Been a long week for me… But, time for a little Quick Sketch Fun. This is Teddy!!! Is brought to you by the Daily Quick Sketch Challenge over on 21st Century Sandshark by Artist in Chief and Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes. The inspiration behind it is part of the pitch when we talk about A Teddy Bear Tale is it’s a Teddy Bear meets 300 for all ages. Be sure to check out the other Quick Sketches I’ve managed to challenge him with and take part in his quick sketch draw here.

Tristan and the Teddy Bear Tales go to Wizard World Philly

Tristan goes to Wizard WorldFrom Thursday 5pm to Sunday 6pm, Tristan, the Teddy Bear Tales, myself and the rest of the Alt-World collection of books, The Wonder Tales, Fabula Zero and The Tether Saga will be at Wizard World Philly rocking the Artist Alley. I will also be joined by Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes, who will be bringing his Adam & Eve Zombie Graphic Novel and other works to this show. If you are in Philly, come, check out this event and visit us. Pick up a book or tow, sketch cards or get your picture taken with Tristan. We are at Booth 2348 look for the Teddy Bear Tales banner and we will see you there!

Read Part Two here – Tristan at Wizard World Philly and a Thank you!!!

My Memorial Day Tribute to my adopted home Captain Ameribear flying colors…

Captain America Memorial Day Tribute Art by Nick Davis

Captain Ameribear Memorial Day Tribute Art by Nick Davis

My Memorial Day Tribute is Captain Ameribear flying the colors of my adopted homeland, which I finished in gouche watercolors and black ink. The good Captain to me has always been a personification of freedom and representation of what we can all be, and what we all need to do to keep our freedoms.  Not just for one section of society, one religion, race, color, or creed but freedom for all… Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all.

Lest we forget please take a moment from this day to remember those that have stood, stand and fought for freedom all over the world on your behalf… Remember their sacrifice, what you may be called upon to keep this freedom. Thank you for listening 😉

Meet the Cuddly Heroes… 52 Furry Comic, Pop culture and Computer Game Characters…

Cuddly Hero Sketch Card Prints

Cuddly Hero Sketch Card Prints by Nick Davis

Well I did it, I did it! The last month I’ve been busy, along with job searching, life errands, interviews, worrying about my future, worrying about my children; I’ve been churning out 52 individual hand drawn, watercolored Teddy & Bunny versions of some of mine and your’s favorite Comic, Pop culture and Computer Game characters. I am quite proud of myself, as these represent to me a journey back to picking up a pencil and brush for the first time in…

These Cuddly Heroes are available as Trading Prints cards here and direct from our Indie Artist Booth at Wizard World Philly giving you another excuse to come check out A Teddy Bear Tale and the works of Dan Nokes. You can check out all the Cuddly Heroes in the gallery after the jump…

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Happy Mothers Day to my wife Jean a small gift for you…


Jean by Nick Davis

Happy Mothers Day to my wife Jean, I don’t have the coin for roses or chocolates, all I have is my head, heart and hands I hope you enjoy gift that I’ve poured my small talent into. A humble little gift on this day that celebrates Mothers everywhere.