Are We Now Picking Sides Over Superhero Movies, Seriously?

DC v MarvelI am not sure how to start this Op-Ed, I am actually kind of sad that we are getting so fractured that we are now picking sides over what Superhero characters and publishers we like, and openly mocking fans of other books. Have things got this bad we can’t even enjoy comic book characters and discussions without an open act of war upon each other? Continue reading

Edgar Wright releases a Marvel with a behind the scene teaser picture of Ant-Man from the movie set

Ant-Man Marvel Movie Set PreviewFrom the camera and Twitter feed of Ant-Man movie Director Edgar Wright is a teaser image of Hank Pym as Ant-Man, the question is who is the actor? The only thing I’ve been able to find it is the interwebs are pretty certain it isn’t Simon Pegg, what are your thoughts?