Drawing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Anime Nurse In a Chinese Dress With a Phoenix Motif [UPDATED]

Chinese Dress Anime NurseThis was an odd commission to get – drawing an anime styled Nurse in a Chinese dress with a phoenix motif. This would take me completely outside my comfort zone of my more normal cartoony cuddly toy Teddy Bear zone and really did test me. Continue reading

Are We Now Picking Sides Over Superhero Movies, Seriously?

DC v MarvelI am not sure how to start this Op-Ed, I am actually kind of sad that we are getting so fractured that we are now picking sides over what Superhero characters and publishers we like, and openly mocking fans of other books. Have things got this bad we can’t even enjoy comic book characters and discussions without an open act of war upon each other? Continue reading

Concept Animation of Rocket Raccoon and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy quite a Marvel

Rocket Raccoon and Groot Animation Still from Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket Raccoon and Groot Animation Still from Guardians of the Galaxy

I discovered these animation concepts of Rocket Raccoon and Groot online today and had to share (for as long as Marvel legal may allow me.) These two characters are going to be the breakout characters from Guardians of Galaxy movie. You see the rest of the concept still after the jump. Continue reading

Superman Vs the Incredible Hulk – Fight! Part Three

Superman Vs HulkWe waited awhile, after  Part Two of this battle it looked like the Hulk had Supes on the ropes – now the battle rages on in this amazing fan animation. You can watch it after the jump. Continue reading

Quite fitting with the weather the ‘Let it Go’ Elsa Sequence from Disney’s Frozen Movie performed by Idina Menzel

Elsa from Disney's FrozenI caught this earlier today and knew I had to post it, it is the full sequence from the ‘Let it Go’ song from Disney’s new release Frozen performed by Idina Menzel. The character featured here is Elsa the antagonist of the story, although not in the traditional Disney sense if this song is anything to go by. Continue reading