Sorry the Alt-World website is not a gateway to the Ghost Whisperer Altworld-2 game

Jennifer Love Hewitt - The Ghost WhispererThe past few weeks I’ve been baffled by a sudden upturn in registrations for my website, after all I generally post comic related news that I find cool, and talk about my life, books, and the occasional opinion piece about the current state of the world.

It wasn’t until last night after a bizarre email exchange with a newly registered user the reason why I’ve been getting this storm of new users dawned on me and why I’m experiencing so many sign-ups. Here is the email exchange below, with New User identity protected of course.

New User
Have a few ?’s
1. Is this safe? and 2. Is it free? 3.Can i change my password please???
Me  –
1. It is as safe but this is the internet so don’t share your password.
2. Yes it is free.
3. You can change your password in your profile when you login.

Odd exchange, maybe this new user is a fan of my books? Or has followed me over here from my Games Workshop days? The return email was extremely enlightening. Continue reading

Altworld-2 the Cyber Reality Game from Ghost Whisperer

Jennifer Love HewittMelinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is a young woman with the unique ability to communicate with the earthbound spirits of people who have died. When Melinda is able to help the lost souls who contact her and those who are still alive, she learns that her unique talent is an asset and not a liability. Ghost Whisperer airs Fridays at 8PM on CBS.

Season 4: Episode 3 – Ghost in the Machine premiered Friday October 17th 2008 – Ned shows Melinda his online gaming community, Altworld-2, Melinda discovers a ghost is able to continue playing the game as his avatar.

altworld-2 received a huge spike in traffic thanks to this Episode (10K+ overnight). This post has been created to commemorate this rather unusual and very coincidental event.

For the record is not connected to Altworld-2, and I am not developing, nor have I created a game of any cyber reality event, although from time to time I can be found on Lego Universe. I am a writer of fantasy stories, a freelance Graphic Designer, creator of silly Ninja shirts, sometimes traditional Games Designer and full-time Web Designer. Since you are here please take a look around the website, check out my work and if you want to register and checkout the dedicated Ghost Whisper Forum I made to celebrate this accidental gathering.