Cha… Cha… Changes… Alt World gets a slightly new look… Easier to navigate with less custard

Steampunk NickDON’T PANIC! My regular more readers may be a little confused when they check out the website today, don’t worry nothing has really changed I just condensed a few things. I spent Saturday working on a new front for Alt World and released it in the wee-hours of the morning onto the World Wide Web. While there was nothing a matter with the old one, I wanted to move some information from the sidebar and into better real estate; plus it decreases the load time of the actually website – which is a good thing.  Continue reading

Sorry the Alt-World website is not a gateway to the Ghost Whisperer Altworld-2 game

Jennifer Love Hewitt - The Ghost Whisperer

The past few weeks I’ve been baffled by a sudden upturn in registrations for my website, after all I generally post comic related news that I find cool, and talk about my life, books, and the occasional opinion piece about the current state of the world. It wasn’t until last night after a bizarre email exchange with a newly registered user the reason why I’ve been getting this storm of brand new sign-ups. Here is the email exchange below – with New User identity protected of course.

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Altworld-2 the Cyber Reality Game from Ghost Whisperer

Jennifer Love Hewitt - GhostwhispererMelinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is a young woman with the unique ability to communicate with the earthbound spirits of people who have died. When Melinda is able to help the lost souls who contact her and those who are still alive, she learns that her unique talent is an asset and not a liability. Ghost Whisperer used to air Fridays at 8PM on CBS and is most likely on syndication somewhere.

On Friday October 17th 2008 in Season 4: Episode 3 – Ghost in the Machine premiered – While I never watched the show, the synopsis of the episode reads; Ned shows Melinda his online gaming community, Altworld-2, Melinda discovers a ghost is able to continue playing the game as his avatar.

On this day after the showed aired received a huge spike in traffic thanks to this Episode (10K+ overnight). This post has been created to commemorate this rather unusual and very coincidental event.

Ghostwhisperer - Altworld-2

For the record is not connected to Altworld-2, and I am not developing, nor have I created a game of any cyber reality event, although from time to time I can be found playing online games (very rarely nowadays)… sorry for any confusion.

I am a writer of fantasy stories ranging from Teddy Bears taking on the Monsters under the Bed, to traditional fairy tales. I am also a freelance Graphic Designer, creator of silly shirts, sometimes traditional Games Designer and full-time Web Designer. Since you are here please take a look around the website and check out my work maybe even buy a book or two.