Video Preview of the Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders Teddy Bear Adventure Graphic Novel

Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders Cover

Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders Cover, Story by Nick Davis, Art by Dan Nokes

Okay Teddy Bear Army, here is the video preview of the Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders Graphic Novel. This is the printers-proof of the book so it contains some minor formatting and typography errors, but it is largely what the finished product will be.  You can see the video after the jump. Continue reading

Well… Now that I am 40 I guess I should grow up now, right?

Come dream with me...

So this be 40?

It is hard to imagine that today is my 40th Birthday, that I’ve been on this Planet this long and somehow through all my misadventures managed to live this long, and to have a life. You see even now I cannot see myself as 40 years of age, we all carry with us a certain mental age image in our head of how we look and act. Most of the time this mental age image has us in our perpetual mid-twenties, but now I am at an age were we should be all grown up and building on the successes of our thirties… How did I get here? Continue reading

My little big adventure with a Jeep, a water pump and a cold night in Prince Frederick

I’ve always said life is full of adventure and they will present themselves at the oddest moments, and while this is one adventure I could of done without, it was certainly a life experience. So how did this all start?

Over the last couple of weeks my normally bullet proof and pretty amazing Jeep has been exhibiting a number of odd noises, clanks, and an annoying squealy squeak from the pulley area of the Jeep. Investigation shown it to be the pulley over the water pump, and much research I narrowed it down to a pulley out of alignment. Then the poor vehicle started to leak fluid, not much just few drips when it was parked, again investigation looked like the return pipe had a slight leak at the top. Something to fix, but not a huge priority. Really should have known better… Continue reading

Giving the Gift of a Memory at My Daughters Big 10 Special

Krissy & Prince

My Daughter and her Prince, this is what makes every sacrifice worth it

Today we did something very special for my Daughter, we celebrated her Big 10 by giving her a day out of her choosing. The Big 10 is important as it is the only time you turn a digit before hitting 100, it is a time to celebrate and give an extra special memory. My Daughter gave us four suggestions and we acted on one of them. She wanted to ride a horse, so we took her horse back riding.

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