We Are Creating Teddy Bear Action Figures On Kickstarter

Update – Due to issues with the supplier I have been left with no choice, but to cancel this Kickstarter- my apologies.

Yes, you read that right, we are creating Teddy Bear Action Figures on Kickstarter and you can help make this happen! If you’ve been following my ‘Project Weekend’ postings on social media you will know I’ve been sculpting the Cuddly Defenders out of sculpey, the Kickstarter to turn our heroes into Action Figures has been inspired by this creative project!

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Toy Review – Missed Modular Action Figure Kits Like the Stikfas? Then check out the ModiBot

Meet the ModibotDo you remember Stikfas? If you are a fan of the modular action figure kits you would have heard of them and maybe own a few – sadly Stikfas died an inglorious death and nothing has filled the void up since… But maybe… Just maybe the Modibot will.

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Toy Review – Captain America Marvel Superhero Masher Modular Action Figure

Captain America Marvel Superhero Masher Action FigureHasbro have released a rather cool looking range of modular toys called Marvel Superhero Mashers; these chunky action figures are based loosely on Sigma 6 toy tech and are for Ages four upwards. The idea being you can swap any body part between each figure making your own unique Superhero.

I picked up the Captain America Superhero Masher Action Figure and it looked so good I picked up a pair (one to box, one to play with), the review continues after the jump. Continue reading

Meet the Modibot is this the return of the Modular Action Figure Kit?

Meet the ModibotsMeet the Modibot or the Mo, I discovered this neat looking action figure via a friend on Google+ and they look amazing. They are the brainchild of Ex-Xervoz Designers Wayne Losey and Tucker Johnson. The Modibot takes full advantage of 3D printing technology and you can order accessories for your basic Mo as you go. Continue reading

Sigmartyr – An Unofficial Action Figure Action Webcomic – Those We Leave Behind Part Three

Sigmartyr Action Figure ComicThe Unofficial Action Figure Webcomic Sigmartyr continues… Buying time for Alpha Team to escape the Heroic Mech Pilot Ide keeps Commander Castle at bay… But for how long?  Click here to view this epic story…