Adventures Ahead – my first-steps into painting on canvas

Adventure Ahead by Nick Davis

Adventure Ahead by Nick Davis

I have taken a chance and  tried my hand at working on a new medium. When I was last in AC Moore I picked up two 8×10 econo-canvas, I thought it was time to paint on a surface artists have used for centuries.  Continue reading

Adventures in Acrylic with Tristan the Defender Teddy Bear

Nick vs AcrylicI rarely have that much spare time, with work, kids, life, the wife, fixing things that break off in the house, figuring out Tristan’s next adventure, getting The Daughter of Frost ready and run its Kickstarter, writing my next story etc… etc… So I’ve had little chance over the last month to pick up a brush, let alone explore a new art medium. This weekend I had the chance and after a series of Cuddly Heroes in using Watercolor I tried my hand at Acrylic paints.  And after surviving an exploding tube of Emerald Green you can view my results below.

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