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The Tether
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Accept One
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The Wonder Tales
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The Cruelest Month
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 Fabula Zero Exposition
Fabula Zero Exposition
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Welcome to Alt World, bringing you a whole new reality in story telling, we specializes in bringing you fantasy action adventures.

We Currently Publish
The Wonder Tales all ages action adventures stories for the family. Set in fantastical world of Once Upon a Time these are tales to tell to your children time and time again.

The Tether Saga, a gritty urban fantasy action adventure set on the streets of Baltimore, that takes our reality and twists it a few degrees.

The Cruelest Month, the proceeds from this Creative Cafe Cabal Anthology novel The Cruelest Month all go to benefit American Cancer Society. Thank you for looking and we hope you pick this novel up and enjoy the stories, and the cruelty within.

Fabula Zero Exposition, a kelptic mash up of comic book and prose wrapped up in a graphic novel format. This is a unique novel takes the reality of a comic book writer as it twists reality around and his characters come to life.

For more details and to read a sample click the link under the book of your choice. We are adding new works all the time, so be sure to bookmark us and check up often to see what we are doing.

Accept One Book Signing @chuckscomics photo gallery, thank you to everyone today :)

Today I spend with the crew at Chucks Comics during my debut book signing for Accept One, the second book of the Tether Saga. My thank you to the good Captain (thats me pictured above with him), his crew, Biggie and to everyone that came out today and picked up a book from me. Thank you very much, I do not have words to express my gratitude.

I hope you enjoyed the FREE Cupcakes courtesy of the Sweetsfairy ( The first ten customers who brought my novel, I cannot guarantee that the FREE Tether you got with your novel will summon any Angelic Entities, but please let me know if it does.

Again thank you to everyone, for writers these are good days.

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Interesting review being compared to James Patterson Me thinks this is a good thing!

One of the my reviews for Accept One, book two of the Tether Saga compared my work to James Patterson, a compliment indeed. The review was posted by Mark Austin, who gave the page sample a thumbs up and is quoted in full below.

Amazing choice if this is really your page 99. I’m not a fan of James Patterson style killers but it’s written as well as Patterson. It’s bestseller material. Gruesome, like slowing down to see a bad car wreck. Got to admit you grabbed my attention as if this were page 1

Now for a little explanation what Page99test is all about. For a while I had a preview page up on from Accept One. The website takes page 99 from your book, and with no explanation or story set up places it to be cold reviewed. The idea being you read page 99, and it should hook you enough to turn the page to find out what happens next. Reviews have been mixed because of the lack of context going in, but its been an interesting experience. You can learn more about by clicking here.

NaNoWriMo the Official Word Count

Today I posted my first draft to the National Novel Writing Month Website – and got my official count for Accept One. I am proud to say that I landed the novel at 72840 words one day ahead of schedule!!! Go Me 🙂

I did it!!! Accept One first draft is now complete…

Quick post, today I officially completed the first draft for Accept One, the second book in The Tether series. No official word count yet as yet, my guess I landed this draft close to 70000 words. I am though very happy I completed the novel during NaNoWriMo… Time to do a very happy dance…

Might hit my mid-December publishing date yet…