Quick Sketch Dana Dana Dana Dana Batbear! Or Batman if he was a Teddy Bear :)

Batman as a Teddy Bear known as BatbearFrom the pen of A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional artist Dan Nokes and part of his Quick Sketch Challenge. Taking advantage of Dan’s daily sketch challenge I asked him to draw Batman, the Caped Crusader and Dark Knight as a Teddy Bear. As ever Dan does not disappoint and Batbear is born. Click here to learn how you can take part in Dan’s Quick Sketch challenge.

Quick Sketch – Wilma the Bunny, a concept of a possible character from A Teddy Bear Tale Book Two

Wilma BunnyYes I know A Teddy Bear Tale is barely out of the door and I’m already exploring options for a sequel. With the help of Dan Nokes and his daily Quick Sketch challenge I’m exploring concepts of possible characters that may appear in this tale. The above sketch is Wilma Bunny, a possible new companion for Tristan in his next set of adventures. Continue reading

How to get the illustrated story A Teddy Bear Tale in time for Christmas and help me save my family at the same time

A Teddy Bear Tale CoverAre you wondering how to get a copy of A Teddy Bear Tale in time for Christmas? The best way to pick up a printed copy of this wonderful illustrated story of Tristan the Teddy Bear defending his child from the Monsters under the Bed, and get it in your hand for Christmas is to get it direct from Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1466427116/  Continue reading

Quick Sketch glimpse at a concept drawings for Book Two of a Teddy Bear Tale

Tristan & Wilma BunnyA Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional is just out of the door with all the Kickstarter & Prerelease copies in the mail, and barring postal mishaps should all arrive in time for Christmas. I am already compiling my notes for the second book in this project and exploring a couple of ideas with the help of Dan Nokes. Above is one of the Quick Sketch concept drawings based on my notes featuring Tristan and a new character Wilma Bunny. Still a lot of work to go, so get on the ground floor and pick up the first book of A Teddy Bear Tale today.

A Teddy Bear Tale from a collection of words to an illustrated book, thank you :)

A Teddy Bear Book StackWell, it is done… See all those books? Over the weekend I sat down with the book’s artist Dan Nokes and we signed all 52 Kickstarter & prerelease copies of A Teddy Bear Tale; Dan even went the extra artistic 10 yards and added a unique little sketch to the front of each book.

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