My Memorial Day Tribute to my adopted home Captain Ameribear flying colors…

Captain America Memorial Day Tribute Art by Nick Davis

Captain Ameribear Memorial Day Tribute Art by Nick Davis

My Memorial Day Tribute is Captain Ameribear flying the colors of my adopted homeland, which I finished in gouche watercolors and black ink. The good Captain to me has always been a personification of freedom and representation of what we can all be, and what we all need to do to keep our freedoms.  Not just for one section of society, one religion, race, color, or creed but freedom for all… Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all.

Lest we forget please take a moment from this day to remember those that have stood, stand and fought for freedom all over the world on your behalf… Remember their sacrifice, what you may be called upon to keep this freedom. Thank you for listening 😉

This is what I would love to do with A Teddy Bear Tale Books and you can help make it happen!

Mouse GuardYou see that book in the picture above? That beautiful hardback is the Archaia Entertainment Anthology released for Free Comic Book Day and it is a simply amazing little book. The stories inside are wonderfully illustrated and the entire package is an enchanting journey into imagination…

I would love to do this with A Teddy Bear Tale, can you imagine how beautiful that would look? I  promise you all once we finish the third book I will find away to compile all three books into a hardback edition that has the same enchanting feel as Archaia’s Anthology. How can you help make this happen? Please Pre-Order A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful at IndieGoGo help us launch the second book by clicking here it will put us one step closer  🙂

Meet the Avengers, X-Bears, Indies and more in the Cuddly Hero Sketch Card Art Project


Cyclops by Nick Davis

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been posting images from my Cuddly Hero Art Project on Pinterest and twitter. The idea is to collect together comic book, computer game and movie heroes and give them a fluffier spin. So far I’ve cranked out about 24 cards and working on the next set of 8 – which will include some DC favorites.

All Sketch Card Prints start life as original pencils, hand painted with Gouche Watercolor and then inked.  Each wave is approximately 52 cards and is released in sets of 8 at time. Please click the links below to browse the range and use our contact form to suggest new Cuddly Heroes for Nick to draw. You can view all the Cuddly Hero Sketch Cards by clicking here.

How did A Teddy Bear Tale begin?

It all began with a moment of whimsy and one little Teddy Bear…

When I was at the A Teddy Bear Tale book signing at Ukazoo books, one of the questions I was asked was what inspired the story and how did it end up as an illustrated tale; as I told the tale of the story I realized that although the production blog follows the Kickstarter part of its creation I never told the origins of Tristan the Teddy Bear.

The story began over five months ago as small paragraph that came in my head after looking at one of Jean’s abandoned Teddy Bears on a shelf. The little fella was dusty, leaning to one side and had long been ignored; however the amber eye still sparkled and there was still a smile on his face. Continue reading

A roller coaster year that was 2011

Roller CoasterHere we are sitting on the cusp of a new year,  by the time this  blog posts it will be about twelve hours before we hit 2012 and I thought this would be a good time to look back at what has been a roller coaster year for me and my family. If you are interested in reading more I will see you after the jump. Continue reading