Meet The Cuddly Defenders A Teddy Bear Tales illustration and a look at things to come…

CuddlyDefendersCoverOn Friday I was inspired by the Ty Templeton Tribute to Carmine Infantino and Roger Ebert. I was looking through the covers that Infantino created including this iconic one.

Carmine Infantino the first to give Batman his balls back

This Iconic Cover by Carmine Infantino the first artist to give Batman his balls back

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Tristan the Teddy Bear, now a little Bear at a whole new scale

Tristan's Assemble!

Tristan’s Assemble!

With great thanks to the amazing sculpting skills of the Sweets Fairy I can now bring Tristan and his companions to you at a whole new scale! These 2.5″ hand sculpted Tristan’s are really cool and come as Tristan the Teddy Bear or Tristan the Defender.
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Tristan begins a journey at a whole new scale… The start of a Teddy Defender in your Pocket?

Monster under the Bed No Name & Tristan the Defender Teddy Bear

Monster under the Bed No Name & Tristan the Defender Teddy Bear

I’m exploring a new direction for our defender against the Monsters under the Bed Tristan the Teddy Bear. I found a sculptor to ermmm sculpt Tristan and a No Name and they turned out pretty neat. Both of these miniatures are approximately an inch in height and I asked for a Super-deformed look. What I would love to do is take these sculpts and find away to do some casts of them in the poly resin used on other figures of this size. I think it would pretty cool to try to build a small ‘Monster in your Pocket’ type of range out of Tristan and all the amazing characters that appear in the Teddy Bear Tale books. What do you think? Would you pick up a Defender in your Pocket Tristan?

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Evolution of a Page – A Teddy Bear Tale II Page Nine Rough

Page Nine from A Teddy Bear Tale

Art Rough of Page Nine of A Teddy Bear Tale by Dan Nokes

“Suddenly the air was filled with flying corks and screaming down from above was a pair of No Names in bright red biplanes.”

Over the next couple of days we are going to follow the evolution of a page from A Teddy Bear Tale II from rough to finished illustration. The illustration is by Dan Nokes, our Teddy Bear Tale artist and this is how the page takes shape from description to fully realized image.  The rough image above is the first step in the process as our characters leap from prose to illustration. In this case Tristan & Wilma are over flying the Toy Train, and are about to be attacked by a pair of No Names in Biplanes, a fairly action packed and dynamic scene, which the rough demonstrates.  Continue reading