Quick Sketch Challenge by Dan Nokes – A Teddy Bear Tale Tristan throws his mighty Frisbee shield

Tristan the Teddy Bear Throwing ShieldThroughout A Teddy Bear Tale Tristan is shown using a Frisbee as a shield as he defends his child from the Monsters under the bed. Today Dan Nokes, the artist for A Teddy Bear Tale took up the Quick Sketch Challenge I issued for Tristan throwing his mighty Frisbee shield Captain America style. I think he busted out an amazing image of Tristan in action and he did it within 20 minutes!!! Whataya think?

A Teddy Bear Tale Review & Book Giveaway on the Mommy’s Block Party

I ask you all to check out the amazing review for A Teddy Bear Tale over on the Mommy’s Block Party, they are also running a cool giveaway where you could win a signed copy of A Teddy Bear Tale. Click here to read the review and learn more about the giveaway.

A Teddy Bear Tale Book Trailer – Wander my Friends

Something to start your morning the right way. Take a look at my first Book Trailer for A Teddy Bear Tale set to the beautiful Irish Folk song Wander my Friend. To learn more about The Teddy Bear Tale please visit the main website at http://theteddybeartales.com

Meet your Everyday Playtime Friend Tristan the Baby Teddy Bear

Tristan the Baby Teddy BearThe loyal companion paired at birth and he traveled far and wide seeing much by his boy’s side often being dragged by one limb or by ear. 

Meet your new everyday playtime friend, Tristan the Baby Bear the first bear to protect you from the Monsters under the bed. Born from the pages of A Teddy Bear Tale, this is Tristan as he would of been when his child was first given him; complete with blue scarf and unconditional love. Continue reading

How did A Teddy Bear Tale begin?

It all began with a moment of whimsy and one little Teddy Bear…

When I was at the A Teddy Bear Tale book signing at Ukazoo books, one of the questions I was asked was what inspired the story and how did it end up as an illustrated tale; as I told the tale of the story I realized that although the production blog follows the Kickstarter part of its creation I never told the origins of Tristan the Teddy Bear.

The story began over five months ago as small paragraph that came in my head after looking at one of Jean’s abandoned Teddy Bears on a shelf. The little fella was dusty, leaning to one side and had long been ignored; however the amber eye still sparkled and there was still a smile on his face. Continue reading