Remember 9-11 take a moment to realize the freedoms we have

911 RememberanceEver year I write a note on this day, for it has an odd double meaning for me. While I tried to find my words I lost a lot of time trying to find a fancy graphic to go with them, then I realized the words or the graphic do not really matter on this day of days. Twelve years ago an act of terrorism first shook this nation and then united it. Now twelves years later I feel we as a nation are even further apart than ever, with rampant hate, denial of rights that are being cheered and a general feeling that we have all lost our way. This is how I feel, and although I do not have the answers all I can ask is you remember 9-11, celebrate our freedoms, do not give them away lightly and try to be most excellent to each other…

Lest we forget we will be doomed to repeat history for this 911 will be forever remembered…

For me 911 holds a lot of different meanings from those that you would normally have. What I will say this is a reminder to us all to remember the Heroes those that ran in when others ran out and to celebrate your life. Be thankful for what you, have those that protect us in your mind for Freedom isn’t free, it must be held onto firmly with white knuckles with both hands, do not give it up for the promise of security, for well-being, it must always be watched over and protected… For in this land you are born free with the most unique document that protects you. Never give it up ever… Lest we forget we will be doomed to repeat history… Always remember… Always… Be gentle with the Earth now!

The 10th Anniversary of 911 never forget and always remember why we are free

Captain America 911 - Never forget...Never forget, always remember why we are free and the price that is paid to maintain it. September 11th, 2001 will always be an odd day for me for very different reasons to many of you, for my thoughts on this fateful day please click here.

The Baltimore 911 Memorial that will be revealed outside the WTC

911 Baltimore MemorialOne of the reasons I like taking the opportunity to work in downtown Baltimore  is there is always something interesting going on. Today they were putting the twisted girders in place for the 911 memorial outside the WTC. The girders pictured above from my sneak peek shot come from the 94th & 97th floor of the New York World Trade Centers that fell on 9/11/2001. They will be part of an interactive memorial which you can touch this piece of history, that will be fully revealed on the 10th anniversary of this tragic event.

911 Why We are Free

Today is 9/11 a very fateful date here in the USA, a date that has two meanings for me, and biggest reason why we should celebrate our freedom. We have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion and it is protected. Good or bad, dark or light you cannot support one with out the other, its the USA’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness… The one thing we should never, ever take for granted or be traded for falsehoods.

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