A Teddy Bear Tale… Or as we call it a Teddy Bear meets 300 and some Quick Sketch Fun!

300 Teddy Bear

This is Teddy! Quick Sketch by Dan Nokes

Been a long week for me… But, time for a little Quick Sketch Fun. This is Teddy!!! Is brought to you by the Daily Quick Sketch Challenge over on 21st Century Sandshark by Artist in Chief and Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes. The inspiration behind it is part of the pitch when we talk about A Teddy Bear Tale is it’s a Teddy Bear meets 300 for all ages. Be sure to check out the other Quick Sketches I’ve managed to challenge him with and take part in his quick sketch draw here.

New Monster under the Bed - The Jar-Head by Dan Nokes

New Monster under the Bed - The Jar-Head by Dan Nokes

Along with some old favorites like the No Names, No Noses and Blighters a Teddy Bear Tale Part 2 introduces some new Monsters for Tristan (and this case Wilma) to face.

Meet the Jar-Head, a new Monster that Tristan encounters as he defends the secret Boggle Toy Train. These looming hulks are not known for their brains which can be removed from their Jar like heads (with screwable lids), but for their brawn… What problems they may cause for our Heroic Teddy Bear you will have to find out when you pick up the book – Click here to Pre-Order on Kickstarter

A Teddy Bear Tale Book 2 – Concept Art Influencing Story Changes

Concept Art of Tristan on a Clockwork Riding Creature

About half way through the book Tristan rides a many feathered creature with two legs and a long neck. As many of you may know A Teddy Bear Tale artist Dan Nokes runs a daily quick sketch challenge so I asked him to draw a quick concept of Tristan on one of these creatures.

The concept leaned a little on the long-necked two legged description, but also made the Riding Creature more mechanical. Now here is a good example of the art influencing the story;  in this case after seeing the art I thought it would be really cool if these Riding Creatures were actually clockwork and had to be wound to be used with a huge key sticking out of their back. The mental and actual image of Tristan on his mechanical clockwork steed is just too good to pass up, and also helps with a story detail… Stay tuned for more Concept Art updates and please help A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two launch on Kickstarter by clicking here!

A Grand Day out at the Annapolis Comic-Con 2012

Table at ACCToday has been a barnstormer day for me at the Annapolis Comic-Con, I went in with expectations that I might sell a few copies of my work, and if I am lucky a couple of A Teddy Bear Tale. After all it is a comic book show, and apart from Exposition I don’t really have anything that tells a story in a sequential fashion. I was too be proved wrong and I totally and utterly sold out of every copy of A Teddy Bear Tale I had, plus the copies I borrowed back off the books artist Dan Nokes. Thank you to everyone who picked up a copy, I hope it brings you and your kids joy 🙂

After the jump you can check out the gallery of pictures that I took at Annapolis Comic con, including my geek out moment of having John Ostrander pick up a copy of my Teddy Bear book.  Keep watching this page as I announce new dates as I bring A Teddy Bear Tale on to the convention circuit.

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Annapolis Comic-Con Weekend come and support your local creators

Dan NokesPretty amazing piece of artwork, eh? This pantheon of Superheros was put together by A Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes and he is donating it to a charity auction at the Annapolis Comic-con for the Heroes Intuitive, a charity that takes cares of creators in the comic book industry that have come across hard times. For this artwork alone it is a great excuse to attend this Comic-con… But it gets better!!!  Continue reading